The most common Pinterest marketing myths and misconceptions debunked and the truth told

There are so many reasons to focus on Pinterest for marketing your online business – from driving website traffic to getting in front of an audience that doesn’t know you yet, Pinterest is a marketing platform that shouldn’t be ignored.

But Pinterest can also be confusing and there seems to be a lot of myths that won’t go away.

In this post, I am debunking and hopefully retiring the top Pinterest myths and misconceptions that might just be holding you back from using Pinterest for your online business marketing.

Pinterest Marketing Myths and Misconceptions Uncovered and Debunked

The most common Pinterest marketing misconceptions and myths answered

Pinterest Marketing Myth #1 – Pinterest Is Only Good for Home Decor, DIY, and Recipes

Yes, there are certain “big” niches on Pinterest – from food recipes to home decor to DIY ideas.

But these are NOT the ONLY niches that do well.

Change your mindset – instead of thinking that Pinterest is only for recipes and DIY, think of it as those are the popular core niches.

Those are the niches that get talked about a lot because of the large results those niches can do.

That still doesn’t mean your business won’t do well on Pinterest.

Hop over to Pinterest and type in words that describe your business – you might just be surprised at what you find.

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Pinterest Marketing Myth #3 – Pinterest is For Women

Absolutely – once upon a time, Pinterest WAS known as the app for women or more specifically moms.

However, for years now, men have been one of the fastest-growing demographics.

While Pinterest is still very female user-driven, don’t discount it completely if your business targets men.

Go to Pinterest and search for topics related to your business to see if you’re leaving this powerful online marketing platform behind for the wrong reasons.

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Pinterest Marketing Myth #4 – Pinterest Is Only for Young People

The top misconceptions and myths about Pinterest marketing

Pinterest is one of the only platforms with a widely diverse age demographic of active users.

From millennials who are decorating houses to parents who plan family vacations to retirees looking to take up new hobbies to Gen Z checking out the latest trends – and everything in between.

Pinterest’s diverse user base makes it an ideal platform to target a wide range of audiences, so don’t underestimate the power of Pinterest in reaching different age demographics.

Pinterest Marketing Myth #5 – Pinterest Is Only Middle-Aged People

See the Pinterest myth above – the same applies here.

Pinterest is one of the only platforms that attracts a wide variety of age demographics so don’t let that be the reason why you don’t explore marketing your online business on Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Myth #6 – Pinterest Is Only For Big Brands

Let’s bust this misconception about Pinterest once and for all.

Pinterest is an online marketing platform that levels the playing field and allows small online business owners to get in front of their target audience easily (with some work!).

You don’t need a big ad spend budget or a ton of followers to see success on Pinterest.

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Pinterest Marketing Myth #7 – Pinterest Doesn’t Drive Website Traffic

When you use Pinterest strategically, you can build traffic to your website.

Given enough time and the right strategy, Pinterest will send traffic almost on autopilot.

That means the content you’re pouring your heart into can be discovered for weeks, months, and even years to come.

What that doesn’t mean is that you create a piece of content and then never update it – you will need to update your content as the topic changes and shifts (this will be dependent on your business niche).

Want to chat more about a solid Pinterest marketing strategy? Book a call with me to find out how Pinterest can help your online business marketing.

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Pinterest Marketing Myth #8 – You Can Set and Forget Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Sometimes I wish this were true but like any other platform, Pinterest needs consistent effort to become an organic traffic source.

Pinning regularly, creating content your audience wants, and checking to see what’s working are key areas that need to be worked consistently.

The Pinterest difference is the fact that your content is discoverable for such a long time.

Pinterest Marketing Myth #9 – Pinterest Doesn’t Work for Service-Based Businesses

Another Pinterest marketing misconception that needs to be laid to rest.

Pinterest marketing can work for a service-based business – whether you’re a graphic designer, life coach, or digital marketer, Pinterest is an excellent platform to demonstrate your expertise and invite potential client leads to join your online eco-system where you can then nurture them further.

Create visually appealing infographics, tip sheets, or video snippets that highlight your skills.

Potential clients love to see results and expertise, and Pinterest can help you display your services in a visually compelling manner.

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Pinterest Marketing Myth #10 – Pinterest Users Don’t Convert

Pinterest users will convert but typically need a little warming up.

However, if you nail your messaging and problem-solving and then put the solution right in front of the pinner, there is a good chance they will convert.

Pinterest users are no different than any other platform user – they need to see what’s in it for them, understand how it will improve/change their lives, and have a clear path to purchase.

Create content and pins that are informative and have clear calls to action to have the best chance for a conversion.

Another question to ponder is what does a conversion mean to you?

A conversion does not always mean a money transaction sale.

It can also mean a new email sign-up, an affiliate sale, or a pinner joining your online community.

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Pinterest Marketing Myth #11 – Pinterest Takes Too Much Time

Every single marketing channel you choose is going to take time to build and grow – it’s time to embrace that fact.

Invest in tools that will help with content creation and scheduling for Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Myth #12 – You Should Pin A Lot Everyday

I added this Pinterest marketing myth because I’m asked about it almost daily – how often should you pin OR do you need to pin 30+ pins/day to see growth?

Remember quality will always trump quantity.

Focusing on keywords, creating visually pleasing pins with strong text overlays, and being consistent is a far better plan than creating 30+ pins every day and hoping for the best.

Marketing on Pinterest needs to be intentional and fewer QUALITY pins will far outweigh 100s of mediocre pins.


There you have it – the top Pinterest marketing myths busted.

Letting go of these outdated Pinterest marketing myths will mean opening the door to using one of the most powerful online marketing platforms there is.

The bonus is that Pinterest will bring you results for months and years without you having to show up to get those results.

Are you ready to harness the power of Pinterest to elevate your brand, connect with your audience, and drive meaningful engagement?

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