Your Pinterest Marketing Road Map Strategy Guide

You want to get started using Pinterest for marketing but have no clue where to start.

Grab the Pinterest marketing strategy guide and leave your confusion behind.

The Pinterest Marketing Strategy Road Map Guide covers:

➝ What Pinterest is as a platform
➝ How to understand keywords
➝ Creating content
➝ Consistency tips
➝ Analytics

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A free Pinterest marketing strategy road map guide for beginners who want to learn and get started using Pinterest for business marketing

The beginner's Pinterest marketing strategy guide

    Elaine Timms Creative is a boutique and expert Pinterest marketing, management, and strategy agency helping female entrepreneurs.

    Hey there, I'm Elaine

    Ready to focus your online marketing efforts on growing your owned online real estate?

    Aka your website and/or blog traffic and email list?

    If you’re nodding (and even if you aren’t), you and I are already friends.

    The internet is noisy, friends, but one thing is clear: You NEED to focus on what you own and control over what can vanish overnight.

    Plus no one has time for all that toxic nonsense going around, am I right?

    I created the Pinterest Marketing Road Map Strategy Guide to help you get started marketing your business on Pinterest.

    No more confusion or wondering how Pinterest works, okay?

    But wait – who am I to be teaching, talking, communicating about Pinterest marketing?

    Well I’ve been using Pinterest for years – first as a user then to grow my blogs, and then helping clients for the last 5+ years.

    And, not just in one niche – every single day I’m in numerous niches on Pinterest.

    No, not just the biggie niches on Pinterest (think food, home decor, you get it) but ones that are much harder to grow.

    It’s those ones that give you the most experience, just sayin.

    Friends, I’ve got a lot to share and I save my best advice for my email list – hands down.

    If you’re an online business owner or blogger, you need my strategy guide that is filled with actionable, fluff-free advice and tips for marketing your blog or business on Pinterest.

    I also have a weekly newsletter: Pinterest Do’s and Don’ts.

    Each week I share one DO and one DON’T about Pinterest and manage to weave in some stories too. 

    You do like stories, right? 

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