How to tell if your business should be on Pinterest

Every week, I almost always answer the question, “Should my business be on Pinterest?”

I’m not going to lie – I highly believe that almost every business should be on Pinterest, but, yes, on rare occasions (and I mean rare), Pinterest might not be a good fit.

Kudos to you for trying to figure out if your business should be on Pinterest, though. It shows you’re aware of how powerful this discovery and planning platform is!

The short answer is: Yes, your business should be on Pinterest.

Being on Pinterest means:

➝ More eyeballs on your content.
➝ More sales of your products.
➝ Email list growth.
➝ Another way to connect with your audience.
➝ Increased visibility.

While it might seem like I just gave you the answer you need, we do need to dig a little deeper into whether or now your business should be on Pinterest – I want to make sure you’re investing your time and money on something that will give you a return.

Let’s start with common misconceptions about Pinterest marketing – you may have heard some of them and they might be the reason you’re questioning if you should use Pinterest for business.

Common Misconceptions About Pinterest Marketing


Pinterest marketing myths debunked

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, Pinterest was filled with DIY projects, wedding inspiration, and recipes to satisfy the everyday question of what to have for dinner – businesses wrote off Pinterest as a platform for “women” or for “cute” DIY projects.

A large number of online businesses didn’t give Pinterest a chance – something that was a very big mistake because, like most things, Pinterest evolved and attracted a more diverse range of niches and business types.

Now, you can find bloggers, content creators, eCommerce, coaches, service providers, and the list goes on.

Why are these businesses starting to show up on Pinterest?

Pinterest has made it easier than ever to connect your business to your ideal audience on the platform.

(Most of Pinterest’s users are still female but male users are one of the largest growing demographic).

Here are some of the tools you get:

Audience Insights – you can see how large your audience is and what other interests they have to further connect with them.
Analytics – Pinterest has its own analytics metrics to help you understand how your business is doing.
Trends – research upcoming trends and see just how popular they are on Pinterest and when.
Shoppable Pins – these are a special kind of pin that pulls your metadata and displays pricing, stock, and other details so that the pinner doesn’t have to leave Pinterest to buy your product.
Shopify App for eCommerce – if you have a Shopify store you can connect your product catalog directly to Pinterest.

And, as with every growing platform, we expect to see Pinterest grow and help creators and businesses even more in the future. Why am I mentioning all of this information? To show you that, yes, it’s likely your business should be on Pinterest.


Even though Pinterest constantly gets lumped in as a social media website, it’s actually a visual search engine where you can rank your images for well-searched terms.

Ranking your pins means nice, continual traffic to your business.

What is even more interesting is that the shelf life of a pin is approximately 4 months which is an eternity in the online space.

That’s right, pins get engagement for much longer than any other platform.

By now you’re likely wondering what all of this has to do with having little to no time for Pinterest marketing.

What I’m trying to show you is that you need to make time OR put things in place for someone else to take it off your plate.

Pinterest is that powerful.

I’ll say it again – if your audience is on Pinterest you need to figure out how to start using it for your business.

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Why Pinterest is a powerful marketing platform even though their user database isn't as big

In ordinary circumstances, having more users on a platform (like Facebook or Instagram) would be a fair argument for investing your time and energy in those areas BUT (and it’s a BIG but), have I mentioned that Pinterest is a discovery platform?

I personally define Pinterest as the inspire, dream, research, and planning platform which, in a nutshell, means Pinterest users are there to discover ideas. It could be to solve a problem or connect with a new business or plan a big event.

Even though Pinterest has a smaller amount of users (if you can call over 442 million users small), the platform still holds so much power since its users are in discovery and planning mode (think the top of your sales funnel).

Now that we’ve gone over some common misconceptions about Pinterest, let’s take a deeper dive into ways to tell if your business should be on Pinterest.

Ways To Tell If Pinterest Is Right For Your Business

Reasons why your business should be using Pinterest for business

Pinterest is One of the Biggest Traffic Drivers Online

It’s like the best-kept secret of the online marketing world.

Okay, I get it – Pinterest isn’t really a secret but it’s estimated that most big marketers don’t use it which means it can level the playing field for small online businesses looking to get in front of their targeted audience.

Pinterest is one of the most powerful traffic drivers on the planet which means you will get people landing on your OWNED REAL ESTATE allowing your to grow those areas of your business.

If you need more eyeballs on your business, seriously consider getting on Pinterest – after all, Pinterest handles an average of 2 billion searches a month so getting in on that would be good for growing your online business.

Pinterest is a Way to Get People into Your Funnel or Customer Journey

Pinterest users are looking to discover you – a whopping 97% of searches are unbranded.

What does that mean?

The playing field is leveled on Pinterest.

You don’t need a large marketing budget in order to get in front of your ideal customers and clients.

Pinners are searching to do something in their lives, solve a problem, or be inspired.

It’s all about them at this point and not WHO you are just yet.

So, if you need to drive more traffic, get people in your sales funnels, and more conversions, your business should be on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a Discovery Platform

I’ve said this multiple times throughout this post and I’ll say it again just for good measure.

Pinterest is a search and discovery platform where pinners are looking for products and solutions to their problems and/or desires.

They aren’t looking for big brands.

So, if you’re looking for more people to discover your business, pinners are looking for your small business!

Pinners Span Multiple Age Groups

I’ve never seen an online platform appeal to such a wide variety of age groups. Ages range from 18 to 65+ which means your business should be on Pinterest if you serve anyone in these age groups.

You Can Connect Your Other Accounts

Another reason Pinterest is so powerful is that you can connect your other accounts (Instagram, Etsy, Facebook, etc.) for more visibility. That means you’ll get attribution if pinners save your Instagram content which can then translate into more followers for you.

It will also increase your monthly views on Pinterest which means more people are seeing your content appear on their screens. If you have a good Pinterest strategy

Pinterest Shares What Is Trending

You can use the Pinterest Trends tool to research upcoming trends that are relevant to your business.

What does that mean for YOUR business?

You can use the trends tool to plan content that is sure to resonate with your target audience since Pinterest is literally telling you there will be more interest in the niche.

Having this information is like sitting on a goldmine for discovery.


In a nutshell, your business should be on Pinterest.

If you want to get in front of people who are searching for what your online business offers, Pinterest is a good place to invest your time.

Gaining visibility to get new people in your online ecosystem can literally change the course of your business. 

Some niches will have more success than others but even if you drive a few thousand pageviews to your website every month, it’ll be worth the effort.

Just make sure your email opt-ins are set up, your website is fully optimized, and you’re ready to nurture the traffic that lands on your website.

Still not sure whether your business should be on Pinterest? Have any questions for us?

Drop them in the comments below and we will continue the conversation!

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