Learn how to figure out how to calculate the ROI of hiring a Pinterest manager to create and implement a Pinterest marketing strategy for online businesses and bloggers.

If you’re looking to hire a Pinterest manager, figuring out what the ROI will be is important.

Hiring an experienced, expert-level Pinterest manager means spending a large chunk of your marketing budget so you’ll need to be sure it makes sense for your business.

There are two angles to Pinterest management ROI.

The first is ON Pinterest ROI.

The second is OFF Pinterest ROI.

This might be hard to hear but it’s not the job of a Pinterest manager to convert the traffic arriving to your blog or website.

They aren’t responsible for revenue-generating conversions.

What your Pinterest manager IS responsible for are the strategy pieces ON Pinterest that lead to TARGETED traffic, made up of people who are looking for what you offer.

So, in theory, conversions *should* be easier to get given that the traffic is actively looking for what your business offers.

Once that traffic reaches your website or blog, it will be the job of the content marketing to get as many people to convert.

An expert-level Pinterest manager is your partner in ensuring conversions happen – often by advising on what content to create or what to include on a landing page – it’s just not up to them to make sure the traffic converts.

You’ll also need to understand how your business earns money, how and why people convert, and what marketing KPIs are important to you.

In my almost 8 years working specifically in Pinterest marketing, I have been asked often what the ROI is for hiring a manager or strategist.

So I’ve written this post to help you better understand what the ROI is for hiring a Pinterest manager – if you find this post helpful, I’d love for you to pin it!📌

What Are Your Marketing KPIs?

Knowing your marketing KPIs is the first step to understanding if hiring a Pinterest manager will generate enough ROI to cover the cost.

What are the signs that your marketing is working for you?

I’m not going to cover all of the different marketing KPIs but I’ll list some common ones just in case you haven’t been tracking and need a place to start.

Common KPIs that relate to a Pinterest marketing strategy:

  • Website visitors (organic)
  • Click through rate
  • New email subscribers
  • Client/Customer leads
  • Conversion rate
  • Product sales

Once you spend time tracking and then reading, analyzing, and interpreting your data you should have a clear idea of how much traffic is needed to achieve your marketing objectives.

Let’s start tying this to the ROI of a Pinterest manager.

Figuring Out The ROI Of A Pinterest Manager

Since a Pinterest manager is sending targeted traffic, it *should* be easier to get conversions from that traffic.

Once the traffic lands on your website or blog, it’s your turn – what do you have in place to warm up and convert as much traffic as possible?

These are things like:

  • Blog posts that answer the search
  • Landing pages
  • Video content
  • Good use of call to actions
  • Email opt-in forms
  • Internal linking between relevant content

If you have the right marketing KPIs in place you’ll have the data that tells you how much traffic you need to make X amount of conversions.

A seasoned, expert Pinterest manager will often offer support in the way of tips, ideas, and recommendations that could help lead to more conversions.

How Does Your Blog or Online Business Make Money

The second part of figuring out the ROI of hiring a Pinterest manager is understanding how you make money.

There are many monetization methods for an online business or blog.

Common ones are:

  • Digital products
  • Courses
  • Memberships
  • Display ads
  • Services
  • Affiliate marketing

Having your sales funnels and content in place to support the traffic coming from Pinterest is the most ideal situation to be in when hiring a Pinterest manager.

From there, it will be easier for you to understand the value of the traffic sent from Pinterest.

Here’s how to know that value:

  • How much is an email user worth to you?
  • What percentages do you make within the affiliate programs you’re part of and then how well does your content convert them?
  • How much revenue do you make from the ads on your website?
  • Do you offer digital products? What’s the conversion percentage?

Figuring out how much money your business generates will then allow you to calculate how long until you see an ROI on hiring a Pinterest manager.

For an experienced Pinterest manager, you can expect to pay at least $500 USD per month with many charging upwards of $1000.

What A Pinterest Manager Is Responsible For

A Pinterest manager is responsible for all things that happen ON Pinterest.

Ideally, you’re looking to have someone who understands how to create and implement a Pinterest marketing strategy that meets your goals for using the platform.

Common goals for using Pinterest marketing are:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Grow email list subscribers
  • Increase product sales
  • Connect with potential leads
  • Business/brand awareness
  • Expert positioning

Once a Pinterest manager understands what your business goals are for using the platform, they can get to work creating a strategy that will help achieve those objectives.

All of this work is ON Pinterest.

A Pinterest Manager’s goal will be to increase targeted traffic month over month and year over year.

They’re also responsible for keeping up with platform changes and need to be able to tweak the Pinterest strategy as needed.

A Pinterest manager will report on important metrics and should be able to explain why or why not certain areas of your Pinterest are growing or not growing.

Here are the most important metrics to track if you are using organic Pinterest marketing:

  • Impressions
  • Saves
  • Engagements
  • Outbound Clicks

As long as traffic is increasing and there is growth year over year, your Pinterest manager will be doing their job.

If metrics go down (and they will) it will also be the job of the Pinterest manager to communicate those changes and to share what plans are to get metrics moving in the right direction.

Here are some common reasons why your Pinterest account might drop in growth:

  • Seasonal content shift – Pinterest is prioritizing content that supports an upcoming holiday (for example, Christmas).
  • A keyword ranking update – your pins ranked but then Pinterest updated and rankings were lost.
  • Pins that have performed well are now not doing as great.

Other ROI pieces that come from having someone manage your Pinterest account and strategy are:

  • Giving you time back since the work on Pinterest is done for you
  • Staying up to date with all changes on Pinterest
  • Ability to assist with tech setups for Pinterest (connecting your website and product catalog as an example)
  • Handling content creation for ON Pinterest
  • Recommending content that will perform well
  • Keeping up on upcoming trending content

That’s a wrap on figuring out the ROI of hiring a Pinterest Manager

To get the best ROI from hiring a Pinterest manager make sure you have content in place to warm up the traffic coming from Pinterest, an understanding of how and why your business makes money and revenue, and what business goals you want to use as a marker for growth on Pinterest.

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Happy pinning! 📌