A look at the tasks and services a Pinterest manager offers

You know your business needs to be on Pinterest. 

You’ve heard the rumors – Pinterest is a powerhouse at driving organic traffic to your website and other owned online real estate (aka the digital assets that YOU control).

You want to stop only marketing on socials from your phone, burning out all the time, so the thought of having targeted traffic arrive at your website is super inviting. 

There’s just one problem – you have no idea how to market your business on Pinterest and you’re noticing it’s a whole lot different than social media.

It also doesn’t help that Pinterest is a HUGE time suck.

Knowing this hasn’t stopped you from trying.

Now you’re getting confused.

And you’re feeling really overwhelmed. 

What’s the next step? 

Hiring an expert manager to create and/or implement your marketing strategy on Pinterest. 

But, wait? What does a Pinterest manager do exactly?

Let’s start at the beginning…

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What is a Pinterest Manager?

Learn exactly what a Pinterest manager is and what they do

A Pinterest manager is someone who creates a marketing strategy ON the platform. 

They are experts in everything that is needed to get your business and content found on Pinterest. 

A Pinterest manager does many things but you need to remember they’re also saving you a lot of time.

Let’s look at what else a Pinterest manager does, shall we?

The main things that happen ON Pinterest:

  • Pinterest SEO – meaning keyword research, optimization, and targeting.
  • Creation of a keyword bank for ongoing reference.
  • Trend research and seasonal spikes
  • Creation of templates for static and video pins.
  • Publish pins using solid Pinterest SEO

From there, a skilled Pinterest manager will help clients meet their goals for using the platform by fusing strategy and goals.

Common goals for Pinterest are: 

  • Grow website traffic
  • Grow an email list
  • Connect with targeted leads
  • Make product sales
  • Make affiliate revenue

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What are the Responsibilities of a Pinterest Manager? 

What is a Pinterest manager responsible for?

It’s one thing to know what a Pinterest manager does but what are they RESPONSIBLE for?

A Pinterest manager is responsible for all the things mentioned so far and the following:

  • Keeping up with any changes on the platform
  • Day-to-day Pinterest tasks to keep your strategy consistent
  • All ON Pinterest content creation
  • Any research needed for your content, services, and/or products
  • Finding and targeting the right keywords
  • Understanding user intent
  • Advising if your content doesn’t meet Pinterest user intent 
  • Scheduling pins with the goal of traffic generation
  • Supporting content creation for clients (meaning consulting and advising the client on what direction to take content so it performs)

Pinterest-Related Tasks That a Pinterest Manager Does

  • Account audit or set up (this can take hours if it’s done properly)
  • Keyword research – always ongoing and is used in account description, pin titles and descriptions, and board titles and descriptions
  • Keyword profile so your business is found where it should be
  • Board creation (this is as needed but I’m going to lie – it’s ideal to create fresh boards)
  • Pin Design (this never ends)
  • Manual pinning
  • Tailwind setup
  • Tailwind scheduling.
  • Monitor Pinterest analytics.
  • Monitor Google Analytics.

What Skills Should a Pinterest Manager Have?

Many expert Pinterest managers bring different skills to the table.

Some specialize in certain types of businesses or blogs others are more general in skill level.

Here are some of the skills an expert Pinterest manager should have:

  • Design skills – they need to be able to design and create pins that not only get attention in the feed but also entice the click.
  • Research skills – a good understanding of how to keyword research and store the info for easy access in the future.
  • Writing skills – the ability to write human-sounding descriptions on the account, pins, and boards.
  • Analytical skills – the ability to track key metrics in analytics and be able to interrupt why something is working or not working
  • Communication skills – solid ability to convey what the client needs to know to achieve the goals you’ve set out

How To Work with a Pinterest Manager

Learn how to work with a Pinterest manager

Most Pinterest managers and strategists have monthly service packages with different contract timeframes. 

For example, I require a 6-month contract before moving monthly clients into month over month. 

The 6-month contract length is in place because Pinterest results take time. 

An Explanation of Pinterest Management Services

Pinterest managers usually have 3 different ways to service clients.

  • Pinterest Account Audits, Set-Ups, and Clean-Ups – these are your chance to work with a Pinterest expert to get your business account cleaned up or set up properly.
  • Monthly Pinterest Account Management – this is when the strategy and management of your Pinterest account are taken off your hands.
  • Pinterest Marketing Strategy Call – when you don’t have the budget for an audit or monthly management, an hour strategy call might be just what you need to get your Pinterest account where it needs to be.

Some will also offer DIY options but if you’re wondering what a Pinterest manager does, then that likely isn’t what you’re after.🙂

What to Ask a Pinterest Manager Before Working Together

Before hiring a Pinterest manager, it’s a good idea to figure out how much experience they have and if it aligns with your goals and your business niche. 

Here are some questions to consider asking during a discovery call with a Pinterest manager:

  1. How long have you been managing Pinterest accounts?
  2. What niche do you primarily work with?
  3. What have your results been like?
  4. How do I get my content assets to you?
  5. What are the next steps needed to get started?

What to Expect When Hiring and Working With a Pinterest Manager

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to expect when getting started with a Pinterest manager so let’s get that cleared up. 

Here are some of the things to expect when hiring a Pinterest manager:

  • An onboarding process that should include details of the next steps, a service contract, the first invoice, a welcome package and guide, and a start date for services.
  • An initial strategy plan – is an account audit and clean-up needed? Perhaps it’s time to get the business account set up. An expert Pinterest manager will share the beginning steps of what they will be doing on the account once service commences.
  • A request for detailed information about your business.

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I hope this clarifies exactly what a Pinterest manager does and helps you understand why they are so valuable to the growth of your business.

An important thing to remember is that results are not overnight and you need to allocate enough funds in your marketing budget to cover the cost of a Pinterest manager.

Do you plan to work with a Pinterest manager? Let me know in the comments!

Happy pinning! 📌