A look at a organic Pinterest marketing strategy for a health coach business

Pinterest is known for numerous niches, including food, DIY, home decor, and gardening – these are the first niches that come to mind when someone mentions the platform.

So, when my personal health coaching client approached me, I was a little hesitant because health and weight loss can be a trickier niche to market on Pinterest.

Over the last few years, Pinterest has been vigilant about the type of content it shows users from the health niche.

With good reason—the obvious ones being liability issues and misinformation.

Truly, a healthy lifestyle is not something to learn from just anyone, and Pinterest knows this.

But I normally don’t say no to harder niches on Pinterest.

I love them. I thrive at getting results in more difficult niches.

It’s one part of what has made me the expert Pinterest manager I am today, even though I can be a bit tired from it all if you know what I mean. 🙃

This Pinterest case study demonstrates how a personal health coach uses Pinterest to connect with people searching for safe and sustainable weight loss and people interested in a healthier lifestyle and habits.

Putting the Pinterest Marketing Strategy Together

We started with a brand new Pinterest business account, which was the clean slate I needed to ensure everything was set up correctly.

I started by reviewing what content was being created and how I could marry that to what people were searching for on Pinterest.

I was able to break it down into the following content categories:

➝ Healthy Lifestyle Habits
➝ Daily Movement Tips
➝ Healthy Eating
➝ Safe + Sustainable Weight Loss
➝ Healthy Mindset
➝ Easy Healthy Recipes

The next step was to understand who we were targeting so that we could connect with the audience’s pain points and the solutions they sought.

I figured out the following about my client’s ideal audience on Pinterest:

➝ They are women over 35
➝ Have tried to lose weight for a long time
➝ Want to learn about healthy lifestyles
➝ Curious about healthy habits
➝ Are tired of fad diets
➝ Want to age in a healthy way

The goal for marketing on Pinterest was to grow her email list, Instagram following, and community.

To do this, I advised that her content needs to address the audience’s micro problems by offering bite-sized solutions that helped position her as the expert they need to reach their health goals.

Implementing the Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Now that we understood who we were targeting and some of the audience’s pain points, I got to work creating and optimizing her account.

A properly optimized Pinterest account build can take up to a week to complete. This is because the Pinterest board strategy needs to be implemented slowly so the spam filter isn’t triggered.

Here is an outline of the initial Pinterest marketing strategy used to lay the foundation for growth:

➝ Intensive keyword and interest tag research
➝ Created 3-5 boards per content category
➝ Researched upcoming trends so that the client knows what content to create (ongoing)
➝ Creation of pin templates with branding and fun, colorful elements to attract the eye
➝ Pinning 5-10 pins per day

Growth on Pinterest

This client’s growth on Pinterest has been pretty amazing.

Newer accounts have been a little harder to grow in the last couple of years, but we were able to achieve fantastic growth by sticking to the strategy, remaining consistent with pinning, and developing a solid content strategy.

Let’s take a look at some of the growth over the last 6 to 8 months:

Initial Growth November 2023:

A look at first Pinterest for business account growth for a health coach

Growth After the Holidays:

Current Growth:

Let’s take a look at the Pinterest account growth in a spreadsheet with percentages:

Why This Organic Pinterest Marketing Strategy Works

The biggest part of making this Pinterest marketing strategy work is consistency, rinsing, and repeating what content gets traction.

The focus has been solution-based content for the micro problems that her ideal audience has with an informative and understanding tone of voice since most have been on their health journey for years.

I create new pins for top-performing content and advise the client on what other content would do well, which is similar yet different enough to make it worth creating.

Strong calls to action are sprinkled throughout the helpful content to capture people’s interest in staying in touch and learning more about what my client offers.

From there, my client can nurture people coming from Pinterest with her emails and/or the content she produces on Instagram.

Pinterest Marketing Case Study Conclusion

As you can see above, my client has had and continues to have pretty amazing results on Pinterest.

Her outbound clicks to her owned website are now just over 3700 and growing.

That means she can meet her goals of growing her email list, increasing her Instagram following, and ultimately growing her personal health coaching community—all filled with targeted people looking for what she has to offer.

Another powerful aspect of growing her Pinterest account is that it fuels her digital assets, namely her website and email list (not her Instagram account).

She’s invested in a sustainable marketing arm for the business that will continue to work for her behind the scenes even when she’s not “on” socials.

Are you ready to expand your business marketing to include Pinterest?

I’d love to help! Check out my expert Pinterest management and strategy service.