Here's Why Your Business Needs Pinterest

We thought we’d start by sharing some statistics about Pinterest that you need to know – just in case you’re on the fence about expanding your business using the power of Pinterest.

Pinners are planners.

People use Pinterest to plan, learn and research, and shop with the help of visual images. That means pinners are using Pinterest to plan life's big moments, improve their life, or find the perfect solution to a problem.

Pinterest sends traffic.

Pinterest is the 2nd largest source for social referral traffic, so now would be a good time to grow your presence on Pinterest. To be honest, Pinterest is a traffic powerhouse sending consistent traffic month over month to your website. You can feel good about investing your marketing dollars on the platform!

Pinterest is growing.

As of 2020, Pinterest has over 400 million active users. 50% of new users are men, 50% of users are international, and the other 50% are US based. Pinterest continues to grow and provides a great way to get your business in front of more people.

Pinterest attracts Millennials.

1 out of 2 Millennials are active on Pinterest every month and make up the platform's largest age demographic (18-34). While users are still mostly women; men are joining in increasing numbers.

Pinners are spenders.

About 40% of Pinterest users have an income of $100k plus, 50% make $50k or more. That’s a lot of buying power! About 93% of Pinners said they use Pinterest to make a purchase decision and 73% said they've made a purchase because of something they've seen on Pinterest.

Your pins have staying power.

There is no other platform that has staying power like Pinterest. Pin once and get results for years? Yes, please. Pinterest content has a much longer shelf life than Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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