Learn how to optimize your Pinterest profile for success marketing on Pinterest

Welcome to my series about the pillars of Pinterest Marketing – I’m deep-diving into each of the 5 pillars for successful Pinterest marketing.

Here are the pillars:

Pinterest Marketing Pillar #1 – Keyword Strategy
Pinterest Marketing Pillar #2 – An Optimized Pinterest Account
Pinterest Marketing Pillar #3 – A Content Marketing Strategy
Pinterest Marketing Pillar #4 – An Image Strategy
Pinterest Marketing Pillar #5 – A Consistency Strategy

We’re ready to dive into the second pillar of Pinterest marketing – an optimized Pinterest profile and account.

The goal for your Pinterest account optimization is to set it up in a way that attracts your ideal person.

If your ideal customer or client were to visit your Pinterest profile, they would immediately know that they’re in the right place and you are the expert that can help solve their problems or inspire something in their lives.

So, let’s deep dive into exactly how to optimize your Pinterest account.

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How To Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Learn how to optimize your Pinterest account to attract your ideal client or customer on Pinterest.Do you feel overwhelmed at times with all the fancy marketing talk when it comes to Pinterest?

If you’ve been researching Pinterest marketing, it doesn’t take long until you see the recommendation to optimize your account in order to attract your ideal person on Pinterest.

But what does that even mean?!

Optimization and/or optimize is a fancy way of saying make sure to use the keywords you found during your research throughout your account.

Using keywords on your Pinterest account is one of the best ways to make sure you’re attracting your ideal client or customer because it’ll be your account that shows up in the search results when your person is researching.

Think of your profile as the foundation for marketing your business on Pinterest.

You need to optimize your account so Pinterest can figure out what your content and business are about and to let the person you’re targeting know they’re in the right spot when they find you on the platform.

What Is Included in an Optimized Pinterest Account?

Where to use your keywords in order to optimize your Pinterest profile.

There are 4 key areas to use keywords in order to fully optimize your Pinterest account.

Let’s go over each of them now.

Use Keywords in Your Account Title and Description

Your account title is the bolded area of your profile.

Here’s what it looks like:

I’ve used the words ‘pin’, ‘marketing’, and ‘strategy’ to let the algorithm know what my content is mostly about. I also use these keywords to let my ideal person know that my account is about Pinterest marketing and strategy.

I recommend you use a top-level, general keyword in your account title.

For example, if my business is about helping people get organized in their homes, I would add ‘home organization’ expert to my Pinterest account title.

At the time of writing this post, Pinterest only allows 65 characters for your account title. If you can fit in more than 1 high-level keyword, great!

If not, choose the keyword that best describes your business.

From there, you’re going to want to add at least 2-3 keywords in your account description.

Recently, Pinterest increased the character count in accounts to 500 so you should have plenty of space to add keywords that connect you to your ideal person.

Keeping with our home organization example, I would then make sure to weave in supporting keywords that also describe how I help my ideal person.

Here is an example account description:

“I help homeowners stay organized by sharing decluttering ideas, cleaning hacks, storage tips, and how to eliminate clutter. Learn effective organization methods that work.”

I haven’t used all 500 characters and yet I’ve been able to include 5 keywords that would attract my person – well, if I had a home organization business, haha!

Play around with your description but don’t sweat it too much.

Remember the goal is to use keywords for both your ideal person and to let the algorithm know what your account is about.

Make sure to write it for humans though since that is what truly matters.

Use Keywords as Board Names

Those high-level or what I love to call “seed” keywords – which is a fancy way of saying broad keywords – should be your board names.

Keeping with our home organization example, I would create the following boards:

  1. Organization Tips
  2. Organization Ideas
  3. Organization Hacks
  4. Decluttering Ideas
  5. Decluttering Tips
  6. How To Declutter
  7. Cleaning Tips
  8. Cleaning Hacks

You get the picture.

I like to use seed keywords because they’re more general and allow me to save lots of different content.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use a more narrow search term as a board title – I recommend doing that if you have a good amount of content on the narrower topic and can pin it to the board regularly.

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Use Supporting Keywords in Your Board Descriptions

Your board descriptions should have supporting keywords or what is called long-tail keywords.

Let’s continue with my home organization business example.

If I have a board name “Organization Tips”, my board description will look something like this: 

“Organization tips for your home. Learn how to organize your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room with organization methods that work. DIY organizing ideas to eliminate the clutter. Organization ideas and tips to eliminate overwhelm. Cleaning and organization hacks for your entire home.”

The examples I’m using here are not from keyword research and are done for example only.

Make sure to use supporting keywords and if you use all the search terms you wanted and still have space it’s okay to stop where you are!

Pinterest also frowns on keyword stuffing so don’t do it, please!

Use Keywords in Every Pin You Upload to Pinterest

There are 3 pin styles – static, video, and idea – make sure to use keywords in every single pin you upload to Pinterest.

Here is where you should use keywords when creating pins:

  • Pin title and description
  • The text overlay on a pin
  • The pin description

In case you’re a visual learner like I am, here is what these areas look like on Pinterest:

Depending on your niche, you may use static pins that don’t have a text overlay and that’s totally fine! You would make sure to use keywords in all of the other areas I’ve mentioned.

That’s a Wrap…

Now you know exactly how to optimize your Pinterest account for success.

To recap, you will use keywords to “optimize” your Pinterest profile in the following areas:

  1. Your account title and description
  2. Your board names and descriptions
  3. Your pin titles, overlays, and descriptions

Doing this will ensure that Pinterest learns what your account is about and then in turn shows your content to people who are searching for what you offer!

Tell me below, what areas of your Pinterest account need to be optimized? Make sure to comment below!