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Learn why you need to use Pinterest to grow your business.

You can write a description here. Free bonus when you show up live, you’ll receive a special limited time offer and free cheatsheet to improve conversion. Tuesday, December 6th 11AM PT / 2PM ET.

Here's what you'll learn:

My goal as a Pinterest expert and educator, it to simplify, educate, and empower you as a business owner to use the power of Pinterest to grow your business.

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The Big Difference Between Pinterest and Social media

Pinterest isn’t social media and the things you do on other platforms won’t work. Come learn the differences!

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How to use Pinterest to fill your sales funnel

Who doesn’t want more leads on autopilot? Come and learn how to fill your sales funnel with targeted traffic.

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The power of having new leads come in on autopilot

Want to stop keeping up with social media? Come and learn how to use Pinterest to get leads on autopilot.

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Tuesday, March 22nd 11AM EST

You need this masterclass if...

You continually put Pinterest on the backburner.

You’ve tried to DIY your Pinterest strategy but feel lost.

You’re relying on one source of traffic.

You think you don’t have time for another platform.

You think Pinterest is only good to find your next dinner recipe.

You push Pinterest off until the “timing” is right.

Meet the host

Hi! I'm Elaine

I fell in love with Pinterest during the early days, first as a user, then as a business owner. 

I realized how powerful the platform was when I used Pinterest to drive thousands of sessions (like 6 digit thousands) to my mommy blog. 

I soon started growing Pinterest accounts for others (I had to sell my blog!) and that’s how Elaine Timms Creative was born.

ETC is a Pinterest marketing, management, and strategy agency that helps female led businesses diversify their business marketing and grow their businesses.

I believe in simplifying, educating, and empowering female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses using strategies that get results with easy-to-manage workflows and organization.


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