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Let's Get Your Pinterest Marketing Working For You...

Our goal is to help business owners and brands diversify their marketing and expand their businesses using Pinterest. More revenue, more clients, more customers, more brand awareness.

How We Help Businesses Tap Into The Power Of Pinterest

Pinterest account management services

Pinterest Management

Ready to take back your time? Our Pinterest management service is for entrepreneurs who want a Pinterest marketing strategy that gets results without doing the work. 

Pinterest marketing services

Pinterest Education

Want to learn how to DIY your own results driven Pinterest marketing strategy? Join us in Pin Plan Pro where we teach you how to run your own strategy that gets results.

New Account Build

Our account build & strategy VIP service is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to have their business account set up correctly but want their team to manage the account. 

Want To Know How To Set Up Your Own Pinterest Strategy?

If that sounds good then you need our FREE Pinterest Marketing strategy guide. Plus, we’ll send you weekly tips to help you on your Pinterest marketing journey!

We Get It...

The online world is full of confusing Pinterest strategies that don’t bring the results you’re looking for. Not to mention how fast Pinterest changes or how much time it takes to manage – it can be hard to keep up and when it takes all of your time, you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve created resources to help you create a Pinterest marketing strategy that works for your business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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'Elaine Timms Creative works tirelessly to ensure success.'

Their service has become a must for our business. Honestly, we didn’t have time to work on our Pinterest strategy so we’re thankful to hand it over to a team who knows what they’re doing.

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'Elaine is a real Pinterest queen!'

She really knows her stuff and we have had the pleasure of seeing it first hand. She keeps on top of everything on Pinterest while growing and maintaining our account. We know we’re in good hands.

Why You Should Work With Us

We’re passionate about Pinterest marketing. Our mission is to simplify, educate, and empower business owners to transform their businesses using Pinterest. How do we do that? By creating resources and services to help you on your journey with Pinterest. Are you ready to grow your business?

About Elaine Timms Creative

Hello, I'm Elaine

Founder and head Pinterest nerd of Elaine Timms Creative. Our goal is to simplify Pinterest marketing so that you can transform your business.

We’re a high-level Pinterest Management and Strategy Agency that wants nothing more than to see you expand your business using the power of Pinterest.

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