Pinterest Account Audits & Clean Up

If you’re already on Pinterest, do you ever wonder if you’re doing things right? Or maybe you’re not getting the results you want.

Our deep-dive audit means getting a new set of eyes on your account and might just be what you need to get your Pinterest Marketing working for you. 

Let our expert team audit your account so you know what next steps to take to see growth.

Ideal for the business owners who needs guidance about the strength of their account, pinning strategy, and where things need to improve.

Pinterest Account Audit

Here's What We Look At:

One time investment starting at $397

*Pricing subject to account size.

Pinterest Account Audit & Deep Clean

If you want hands-off service, our Audit & Clean-Up service is perfect.

Ideal for the business owner who needs the guidance and wants things implemented properly and timely. 

Here's What We Do:

Implement the following from the audit findings and suggestions:

*Please note for ongoing follow up for tribes and board strength please select a Pinterest account management package.*

One time invest of $697 

*pricing subject to account size.