Wondering how to tap into the Pinterest Powerhouse?

Here’s Why Your Business needs Pinterest

Interesting statistics about the power of Pinterest:

The Pinterest Platform

People use Pinterest to learn, research and shop with the help of visual content.
In other words, Pinners are using Pinterest to plan for life’s big events.

Pinterest Is Growing

As of Fall 2018, Pinterest has over 250 million active users monthly.
50% of new users are men; 50% of users are international; the other 50% are US based.

Buying Power of Pinterest pinners

About 40% of Pinterest users have an income of $100k plus.
And 50% make $50k plus – that’s a lot of buying power!
About 93% of Pinners said they use Pinterest to make a purchase decision.

Pinterest As a traffic Driver

Pinterest is the 2nd largest source for social referral traffic.
Now would be a good time to build your presence on Pinterest.


Pinterest Audiences

1 out of 2 Millennials are active on Pinterest every month and make up the platforms largest age demographic (18-34).
While users are still mostly women; men are joining in increasing numbers.


More Cool Pinterest Statistics

73% of users have bought something because they saw it on Pinterest.
1/3 of US adults are on Pinterest.
Pinterest content has a much longer shelf life than Facebook or Twitter.

Check out the Pinterest Service options:

Choose the option that best suits what you’re looking for.

From The Blog

Some of the Pinterest Services offered:

Pinterest Setup/Audit

You’re not currently on Pinterest but you know you should be and need help getting started.
You have a Pinterest account but you know it needs help and you aren’t sure what needs work.


Tailwind Setup/maintenance

Does Tailwind make your head spin? Not sure how to get started or how to use it effectively? That’s okay – sign up for a monthly maintenance package to get rid of that task from your to-do list!

Monthly Maintenance & Growth

You’re a new blogger and Pinterest makes your head spin. You don’t have a lot of content yet but you realize Pinterest is the way to grow. OR you’re an established blogger who has a good amount of content but you’re confused by Pinterest but want to grow your presence and traffic.

Full Pinterest Management

You’re a content creator, small business owner or online business who wants Pinterest off their plate so your focus can be running and growing your business.

Pin Design Help

You need help making pin images that get the click. Your design skills are alright but you wouldn’t mind getting rid of pin design from your to-do list. 🙂

A La carte Services

You have your Pinterest marketing established but you’re over the amount of time it takes you to keep up with the platform. You need a few different services – get in touch so I can create a package for you!

Who Am I?

I’m Elaine – a mom and wife who loves her family very much.
I’m also a  blogger, writer, creative and absolute Pinterest nerd!

If you’re looking to:

• Start using Pinterest and grow your presence.
• Have someone take over what you’ve started on Pinterest <OR>
• Have someone help you increase your Pinterest presence even more.

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• Lessen your workload.
• Create a pinning schedule that works for your business.
• Create pins that are noticed.
• Join group boards and tribes.
• Create a Pinterest marketing strategy.

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